PRSERVIZI: a private firm focused on building high-growth companies with an innovative and global mindset to develop value and strong assets

We are a private investment firm that operates in different markets with the aim of obtaining maximum value from our investments.
Our approach allows us to have a global and innovative view of investments.
Thanks to our experience in management and business development, we are committed to investing in projects and companies with strong long-term growth potential. In addition, we are also active in the sports investment sector, with particular attention to trading as well as real estate asset management.
We are oriented towards high quality, trust, transparency, and social responsibility. Our mission is to achieve the maximum possible return through targeted investments and a strategic approach, while maintaining value and customer experience as the primary focus in all sectors.







What we do

We specialize in three distinct areas of investment, each with its unique approach and set of benefits.

The three areas of investment that we specialize in, may seem distinct on the surface, but they are all united by a common set of values. For us, the key to success in all these areas is creating value, achieving growth, and enabling freedom.

In all three areas, our focus is on creating long-term value while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and social responsibility. With a global and innovative approach to investing, we are well-positioned to continue delivering strong returns across our investment portfolios.

Real Estate

Our real estate investment portfolio, involves acquiring properties, performing renovations, and selling or leasing them for a profit.

Our team has a keen eye for identifying properties with hight potential and turning them into profitable assets.

Whether it's a residential or commercial property, our expertise can manage every aspect of the investment cycle.

Sport Trading

We are active in the sports trading market, investing in events and competitions across various sports.

With a keen understanding of the market and our strong analytical skills, we identify profitable opportunities and maximize our returns by strategically investing in the right events and outcomes.

Our in-house team of sports analysts and traders uses cutting-edge technology to track trends and perform.

Company Scale Up

By providing strategic guidance, organization support, and marketing consultancy, we help businesses scale up and achieve their full potential.

Our team of business analysts and advisors work with these companies to identify the best way for growth and development.

We also invest in companies operating in different service sectors, helping to grow and develop.

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The Founders

Laura Pietrobelli

As an entrepreneur and digital manager, Laura is passionate about leveraging the power of marketing to drive business growth.

With a keen eye for detail and a natural curiosity for new technologies, she excels at developing innovative strategies that help companies achieve their goals.

Laura is committed to creating engaging content that connects with customers and building strong, long-lasting relationships that drive revenue growth.

With years of experience in the digital space, she has developed a deep understanding of how to navigate the constantly evolving landscape of online marketing.

Davide Renna

As an entrepreneur and growth manager, Davide brings a sharp mind and a wealth of experience in financial markets to the table.

With a natural knack for identifying high-growth opportunities and a deep understanding of market trends, he excels at developing strategies that drive business growth.

Davide has a particular focus on leveraging data to make informed decisions and identifying key metrics that help drive success.

With a passion for building teams and cultivating a culture of excellence, he is dedicated to helping companies achieve their full potential and surpassing even their loftiest goals.